Nabilla: her tender photo for the two months of her son Leyann

Mother of a little Leyann born on June 5, 2022, Nabilla celebrated with great fanfare the two months of her little boy, and this, in the company of her eldest son Milann.

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Nabilla is filled with happiness. On June 5, 2022, the ex-starlet of reality TV announced on her Instagram account the birth of her second child. After Milann, who was born in October 2019, she gave birth to a little boy named Leyann. “I’m a little emotional, tired… There are a lot of things. I haven’t talked too much about these last moments. I really enjoyed them. They were moments… I don’t have the words. I don’t didn’t think I’d live them one day, it was so beautiful”, she confided to her fans, a few days after giving birth. And since her baby was born, the wife of Thomas Vergara continues to share snippets of her new daily life as a mother of two children.

A snapshot that melts the fans

So much so that its 7.8 million subscribers do not miss a beat, between the beautiful moments shared with the family and the anecdotes about little Milann, who, to the chagrin of his mother, already has too many girlfriends. Friday, August 5, they were able to discover new photos of Nabilla surrounded by her two little boys on the occasion of the second month of her youngest son. Baby Leyann, two months today, she wrote in the caption of two photos where she appears radiant holding her two children against her, while a huge cake stands in front of them, prepared and decorated for the occasion. Which did not fail to soften his fans. “Wonderful”, “How fast does it go”, “great family”, “Adorable”can we read among the comments.

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Nabilla on her postpartum body

Without taboo with her fans, Nabilla also recently confided in her postpartum body. If she resumed physical exercises to lose her pregnancy pounds, the 30-year-old young woman did not hide the fact that, this time, she did not intend to put pressure on herself. “I’m gradually regaining my figure. I’m not in such a hurry unlike my first pregnancy. I’m taking my time, I feel good and maybe I won’t even have my old body completely like before, but I I do not care !”she wrote in a post that wants to be “body positive”, proclaiming loud and clear that she loves “[ses] small stretch marks, [sa] cellulitis and [est] proud to have given life to two magnificent boys who [la] full of happiness”. “Moms you are magnificent and incredibly beautiful, be proud of yourselves”she concluded.

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