Nabilla is coming to Amazon Prime: "I learn on the job, so obviously it shows"

In “Nabilla: Without Filter”, the documentary series, this Friday on Amazon Prime, the influencer reveals her golden life in Dubai, the preparations for her princess wedding in Chantilly, and her difficult debut.

“There is Martine at the beach and there is Nabilla conquering the world”. This conquest now passes through the Amazon Prime box, for the former reality TV candidate, now influencer and businesswoman.

It is this Friday, November 26 that arrives on the platform Nabilla: without filter, the “docu-reality” in seven episodes, devoted to his life. We follow her to Dubai, from where she now leads her empire – she created her own brand of cosmetics and employs around thirty people – and prepares for her fairytale wedding at Chantilly Castle.

Difficult today to place it in a category, as she describes it herself at the microphone of BFMTV. I am “influencer [mais] not that, afterwards, I can also be a presenter, and then I can also be a columnist, business manager, mother, wife, we cannot put ourselves in boxes like that “.

“I am a very ambitious person”

Her place today, Nabilla does not owe it to chance. “I am a very ambitious person and then I like to surpass myself. I like to learn … good on the job, so obviously it shows”, she smiles, strapped in a strict black jacket, for the promotion of this series. A serious look, the opposite of the outfits she wore in her early days, attracting criticism and mockery. “I was reduced to a physical when I was much more than that,” she said Wednesday on France Inter.

Today, sure of herself, confident in her intelligence and her entrepreneurial spirit, she is not afraid that everything will end.

“I do different things, I also try to renew myself. And now, with social networks, we can do a lot of new projects anytime, we can create. We can be our own bosses. So no, I’m not afraid. When I’m old, 80, I’ll do little shows, how to bake cookies, something like that, I’ll find out, “she laughs.

The common thread of this documentary series is the celebration of her marriage last June. A grandiose wedding which ended with the burglary of the hotel room she occupied in Chantilly.

“It hurts,” she says. “It’s shocking. And then the wedding night, anyway… They could have come the next day, but they came that evening. my ring on me, ”she concludes with humor.

Magali Rangin and Lorène de Susbielle

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