Nabilla makes an astonishing promise to Yann Barthès in Quotidien

Guest of Day-to-day to evoke Nabilla: without filter, his docu-reality, Nabilla has made a commitment to Yann Barthès to encourage his millions of followers to vote next April for the 2022 presidential election.

Reality TV star Nabilla Benattia reveals herself in Nabilla: without filter, a reality documentary with seven 30-minute episodes, available this Friday, November 26 on Prime Video. Subscribers to the platform will in particular be able to take a behind-the-scenes look at his sumptuous wedding at the Château de Chantilly. But this is not the only subject of this program. As rarely before, Nabilla also engages in her chaotic relationship with her father, her parents’ divorce, media bashing, or even prison. She also assured us that she had turned the page on reality TV. “For me, that’s in the past. I evolved, I became a mother. At the time, I was 20 years old. I was with a bunch of young people my age, in a beautiful house, we were laughing … Now, the beautiful house is mine. I don’t see myself doing this kind of show again. It no longer interests me today. What could tempt me is a program with a real experience to live, a side of surpassing oneself, a bit like Koh-Lanta. “Thomas Vergara’s wife was the guest of Day-to-day this Thursday, November 25.

Nabilla appreciates the Macron couple very much

Yann Barthès notably questioned her about her domicile in Dubai, ironic about her reasons for moving there. But the host also made it bounce back on the political news of the moment, a few months before the presidential election. He asked her why she tweeted about Eric Zemmour. “I said I didn’t agree with him. I’m interested in politics from afar. Well, it’s mostly my husband who is interested in it, he watches debates, he loves it. And, I heard that Zemmour had said that all people who live in France had to wear French first names, and that shocked me a little“, she defended herself. The TMC host therefore wanted to know if she was ready to commit to pushing her millions of followers to vote. “In fact, politics is something … Not that scares me, but taking sides with someone is a bit complicated. Afterwards, I really like the president we currently have. I think he is young, intelligent, his wife, she is too beautiful. But I don’t know all the candidates “, she replied.

The influencer will not vote next April

However, the young mother will not slip a ballot into the ballot box next April and she has her reasons for that. “I used to vote, but now I’m assuming I don’t live in the country so why should I give my opinion on something that maybe doesn’t concern me?”, she explained. But as the host reminded her, the influencer is French. He therefore asked her to pledge to encourage her followers to go to the polls for the next presidential election. She promised to do it, before telling him: “But I won’t say for whom!” She regretted, however, that online voting was not allowed. “Exactly, that’s what I was telling myself. If we could vote online, maybe there would be more votes too. A little link and then …”, she found by making the gesture of the swipe-up on Instagram. The commitment is in any case made for the month of April between the two interlocutors. “Ok, I promise. I’ll tag you by the way., concluded the starlet.

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