“Nacional is the favorite, but Millos showed in Medellín that he is a candidate”

Nicolas Vikonis, Uruguayan goalkeeper of Mazatlan and with a remembered passage through Millionaires, spoke with The Vbar Snail on the news of the Bogota club, which he sees with great chances of fighting again for the title.

“Millos is again a contender for the title, Everyone’s favorite is National, but it seems to me that what Millonarios showed last Sunday in Medellín makes him a serious candidate for the title, in home runs with teams that have been growing, “he commented on the blue box and the great candidates for the year-end star.

While recalling his time in the capital of the country, he declared: “what is most missed about Millionaires is that constant pressure with which one lives, the enjoyment of knowing that behind that shirt there are millions of people and the blessing of being able to play. With Millos that implies, always being exposed to criticism and praise “.

“In my memory there are also those afternoons with a full stadium,” he added in this regard.

Of a possibility of returning to the ‘Ambassador’, he explained: “nThe times have never come, there have been no direct negotiations, My stay in Mexican soccer has been very positive, with a high level, it has been very good for me. ”

Vikonis also dedicated a few words of thanks to Oscar Washington Tabárez, outgoing technician from Uruguay, after 15 years on the bench of the ‘Celeste’. “The gratitude, nobody can ignore what was the process of Tabárez throughout this decade and a half in Uruguay, put it back in the foreground worldwide, “he commented.

“Unfortunately football is fueled by the results and in the midst of this crisis of results that the national team found, added to a series of internal pressures ends up generating the closure of a cycle that he believed could be given in a much more colorful way, allowing the qualifying issue to be closed with Tabárez, God willing, qualifying for a World Cup, “he concluded in this regard.

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