Nacional thrashed Cali and exacerbated Mayer Candelo’s crisis

National Athletic He showed great signs of improvement in his game and had no contemplation with Deportivo Calithrashing him 3-0 at the stadium Athanasius Girardotin game corresponding to the date 12 of the Colombian League.

The team from Antioquia dominated the match from start to finish, taking the lead with just 3 minutes of playafter a goal by Andrés Felipe Andrade, one of the best players in the game.

With just 12 minutes into the game the game was already 2-0, after a goal from Dorlan Pabon, who culminated an overflow and an assistance of Andres Felipe Roman.

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Mayer Candelo’s team was able to discount the score minutes later; nevertheless, the play was annulled due to a controversial offside by Daniel Luna.

In the complementary stage, when it seemed that there would be some reaction from the visit, the third goal of the game came, after a powerful shot by Romanfree of mark to beat, with a detour in between, the young goalkeeper Miguel Ángel Sánchez at 61 minutes.

Nacional that added its second consecutive victory, completed 19 points in the standingsrose to the first places and next Monday, September 26, will be receiving Patriots.

Cali, penultimate with 8 points, will be visiting Cortuluá, the tournament’s bottom team, on Wednesday.

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