Nadia Morro, a woman from Santa Fe in Qatar: "Everyone wants Messi to take the cup"

the young Nadia Morro is found in Qatar five months ago, developing a very important experience in hotel industry. The world cup found her in full employment contract in one of the most important chains in the place, which has a five-star building and another six.

“I can not believe the number of figures that I am meeting, I’m dying to take pictures and show it, but I’m not allowed by a privacy policy. I have to contain myself, share it internally, “she commented happily on air in Chain OH!

“It motivates me to know that while I work I am surrounded by these figures… It generates great admiration for me.” The building has been built since Qatar was chosen as the venue for the event and it is an emblematic space, unique in the world.

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“Us we were selected for the opening of the hotelThey trained us to provide a specific service, to shape everything. I have a two-year contract, my trial period is six months and I finish it in January. There I will make the decision if it is possible or not to continue.”

The interviewee stated that there a “predilection” for Argentina, and that the defeat against Saudi Arabia 2 to 1 today, no one believed. “A lot of Argentines arrived, it makes me very happy. It’s a huge effort, Qatar is very expensive. I hope they enjoy it and leave happy. Here everyone wants Messi to take the cup“.

Lastly, he referred to the human rights problem in the country. He affirmed that the problem is not the Arab culture, and that there are sectors that are very open and supportive. But everyday life is not always easy. “In my work there are situations of great stress and people speak badly to you. I point it out, because I don’t like being treated badly. It makes me tense because I don’t tolerate it. Regarding human rights, Nothing is said here, this topic is not touched on. I’ve seen a lot of things I didn’t feel comfortable with. It’s not that I turn a blind eye, I’m here, I have work to do. It’s not that easy.”

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