Nadia Nadim: World Cup expert learns live of her mother’s death

Former national player Nadia Nadim received terrible news in the TV studio as a World Cup expert, as she herself wrote on social media.

World Cup television expert Nadia Nadim mourns the loss of her mother. As the former Danish national soccer player reported on Instagramher mother died in an accident on Tuesday while Nadim was a guest on the British TV station itv as an expert for the World Cup match between Denmark and Tunisia. After the game, the 34-year-old was absent from the discussion that followed.

“Words cannot describe how I feel,” the former Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain player wrote on Wednesday. “I lost the most important person in my life and it was so sudden and unexpected. She was only 57.” Accordingly, Hadima Nadim was hit by a truck and fatally injured.

As a child, Nadia Nadim, who was born and raised in Afghanistan, had already lost her father. He was a general in the Afghan army and was killed by the Taliban in 2000. Nadim then fled to Denmark with her mother and siblings, where she began playing soccer as a teenager.

Nadia Nadim: “Life is unfair”

“She gave me life not once, but twice, and everything I/we are I owe to her. I’ve lost my home and I know nothing will ever feel the same again. Life is unfair and I don’t understand why her and why this way,” the ex-kicker continued, inviting everyone to the funeral: “Please come and show her the love, respect and prayers she deserves.”

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