Nagui devastated by the performance of the Maestro in Don’t forget the lyrics (VIDEO)

Claire is the new Maestro of Do not forget the lyrics. The candidate already totals 20,000 euros in earnings in one participation. But Nagui was ironic about his not very fair performance of David and Jonathan’s tube, which allowed him to win a new match, this Tuesday, May 10.

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Since the departure of Kristofer, who scored Do not forget the lyrics of his imprint with his innate sense of improvisation and his relaxation, it is the waltz of the Maestros in Nagui’s game. However, the situation could soon change with the arrival of Claire, the new champion, who already totals 20,000 euros in winnings in a single participation. The young woman who works in IT wants her companion Michaël, who has a small farm, to benefit from the sums she will win in the game, but she also intends to afford a motorhome to travel around France. And things are looking pretty good for her.

The performance of the Maestro makes Nagui wince

Claire indeed beat her first opponent of the evening by going to the bell on the tube of David and Jonathan, Are you coming for vacation ? Very focused on the lyrics, she hid her eyes to better concentrate and somewhat forgot the melody of the flagship song of the 80s in passing. “I’m sorry, that was awful. The accuracy, in the end?”she apologized after her performance, to the host. “Not at all, when it’s horrible, we say so”Nagui reassured her, making a face that spoke volumes about her feelings after this regular massacre of the piece. “I must stop above all”continued the young woman. “It was great !”, once again quipped the companion of Mélanie Page, determined to tease the candidate. Magali Ripoll added even more by pointing out: “I thought it was another song”. A reflection that visibly surprised the Maestro. “You have gone somewhere else”Nagui finally explained to him. “In fact, I did not hear myself anymore”Claire justified herself, a little embarrassed. “If you had heard, you would have suffered like us”, outbid the host, making the participant laugh out loud, not resentful. Nagui and the chorister had already had fun destabilizing the previous Maestro.

Claire already has 3 victories under her belt

If Claire didn’t make more money on our romance of Jenifer that she had not revised and that the Zizi by Pierre Perret did not bring her more luck in the second show of the evening, she continues her career on the show and now has three victories for 20,000 euros in earnings.

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