Nahle protects union monopoly, accuses Morenoist

Martha Martínez, Francisco Ortíz and Oscar Uscanga / Reforma

Thursday, October 14, 2021 | 08:37

Mexico City.- The protests and violence at the Dos Bocas refinery have their origin in the monopoly of a union that extorts and consents to labor abuses, denounced the deputy of Morena Susana Prieto, who accused the Secretary of Energy, Rocío Nahle, of covering up this situation.

Violence broke out yesterday after dissatisfied groups tried to enter the refinery’s facilities under construction; a strong security operation in which the Navy participated together with state police, repelled the protest.

Tear gas cartridges and rubber bullets were fired.

Unusually, the Navy took a leading role in the operation and assumed control of the refinery facilities after the workers were evicted.

The dissidents accused that they were shot with firearms and even claimed that one of their own died after being wounded in the skirmish.

At least 15 nonconformists were injured. “I have a photo of a dead worker,” Susana Prieto revealed.

“The authorities must clarify,” he insisted.

The labor lawyer and elected deputy for Morena considered that President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is misinformed about the abuses suffered by the workers of ICA Flour, under the control of Ricardo Hernández Daza, of the CTM.

“Mr. President, they are lying to you about the situation in Dos Bocas: you have a security table that depends on the Secretariat of Energy, in charge of Rocío Nahle, it is necessary that a thorough investigation be carried out to respect the rights of the workers, “claimed the legislator.

Regarding the violence and repression against dissidents, Nahle assured that it was a “small group” of 10 or 12 people who are behind the strike and warned that they will not allow that “small group” to affect the work.

“It is a lie, when they do the doublet, that they call him, on duty, because they pay the doublet, but there are 10 people who are with this, and that we are not going to allow there to be a disorder,” he sentenced.

Deputy Prieto said that today she will promote a point of agreement in the Chamber of Deputies to request Rocío Nahle to report on the existence of this monopoly and to ask the Financial Intelligence Unit for a report stating that ICA delivers receipts of payment with the retention of union dues.

“The great labor unions of the country refuse to make transparent the cartwheels of bills that steal from the workers,” accused the morenista.

He assured that the workers have denounced that the union demands weekly payments of 100, 200 or 500 pesos, depending on the position they hold.

Since last Tuesday, carpenters, mechanics, scaffolding workers and workers started a strike by accusing that Ricardo Hernández Daza, leader of the CTM union in Tabasco, demands “moches” to let them work, as well as that they are not paid just enough for their ordinary work nor for their overtime.

“Yesterday they denied us access to those who do not have an ICA credential, we have been working for 7 months and they have not given us our credential; by not giving a credential, people started to get upset.

There are many of us who are unemployed, many people come from other places and they don’t mind earning a pittance, which is what they pay us, “one of the employees who were evicted yesterday told REFORMA.

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