Nancy: opening of an investigation for "acts of torture and barbarity"

The three main perpetrators, minors at the time, were arrested and placed in police custody earlier this week.

The Nancy prosecutor’s office announced on Thursday the opening of a judicial investigation into “acts of torture and barbarism in assembly and administration of harmful substances” targeting three people suspected of having mistreated a thirty-year-old dispossessed of his apartment for more than two years. .

The three suspects were minors at the time of the events, said Nancy prosecutor François Pérain, confirming information from the newspaper Republican East.

According to the account of the facts given by the victim and reported by the prosecution, since March 2022, “a group of young people came to squat” the victim’s apartment “to store narcotics there”.

From the summer of 2021, the victim would have suffered “several acts of abuse: burns on the body with cigarettes, burns with acid and hydroalcoholic gel, punches, throwing a knife in his direction”.

The victim felt “under the influence of the group”

His attackers also allegedly stole two cell phones, his keys and some money. The victim was also allegedly forced to ingest heroin, prompting the intervention of firefighters last March.

The victim felt “under the influence of this group” and “in the psychological inability to denounce the facts”, still reports the prosecution.

It was finally the victim’s sister who, discovering the situation after returning from a long stay abroad, accompanied her brother to the police station to reveal the facts.

On Tuesday, the three main perpetrators, minors at the time, were arrested and placed in police custody. One of them is currently serving a prison sentence for assault with a weapon. Another is also known to the authorities for acts of violence. The three suspects were brought before an investigating judge on Thursday.

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