Nanoleaf Lines: These are the new LED light strips

Nanoleaf, manufacturer of intelligent lighting, is expanding its product range with smart LED light strips. The Nanoleaf Lines are the latest generation of modular, color-changing lighting products. We were already able to take a look at the new smart home lights. Each light bar has two color zones that make the Nanoleaf Lines shine in two tones.

The special lighting technology creates flowing transitions by mixing different color nuances and throws an immersive RGBW design on the wall. The whole thing actually seems extreme to me and for me it is the most pleasant of all Nanoleaf lights.

I’m not a big fan of solutions like the previous ones from Nanoleaf – with the exception of the Essentials series, which includes reasonably priced “LED bulbs” and light tubes that work with thread. The good thing about using the Nanoleaf Lines: they also work with thread, are even thread border routers, so you don’t need a HomePod mini or anything else as a control center.

As soon as the LED light strips are paired with the Nanoleaf app, the Essentials devices automatically connect to a thread network. All threaded devices, regardless of manufacturer, will be able to connect to a threaded network through Nanoleaf’s thread border routers with the help of future updates. The Nanoleaf Lines were developed with Matter in mind and will work seamlessly with the new standard via a software update next year.

Nanoleaf Lines can be controlled via the Nanoleaf app, voice commands and manually via the control unit. The light strips come with Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa as well Samsung SmartThings compatible and have an IFTTT integration. Normally. Of course I say it openly and honestly: the Alexa connection is the last shit. Seldom or never works, the ratings of the skill speak volumes. If you expect Alexa, you should keep your hands off Nanoleaf – currently.

As always, there are numerous ready-made scenes that bring a pretty cool feeling into your own 4 walls. The Nanoleaf Lines are supplied with 19 pre-installed light scenes including seven rhythm scenes for music visualization.

With the help of the scene generator, which includes more than 16 million color options, a color wheel, hex code input and a movable color controller, users can discover a great many new light scenes in the Nanoleaf app or create them themselves. The Nanoleaf Lines have all known Nanoleaf features. The rhythm function synchronizes the lines with music in real time and creates dynamic visualizations in which both color zones of the LED light bar dance to the beats and melodies.

Each rhythm motion – there are a total of 22 to choose from – was specially developed for a different music genre and harmonizes with both bass-heavy beats and soft, melodic sounds. Also on board: synchronization with the computer. The screen mirror function reflects the colors and animations of PC screens on the Nanoleaf Lines – provided the Nanoleaf app is available for Windows and macOS.

What to consider with Nanoleaf is the price. If the “LED bulbs” and light tubes are actually quite cheap, the “Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit 9-Pack” is a little different. 200 whips are placed on the table for this. The “Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit 15-Pack” costs 300 euros and the pure expansion by 3 lines should cost 60 euros. If you want to enchant your wall, you can dig deep into your pocket.

Reason to spend more: The Lines Skins allow users to make additional design adjustments: As ultra-light front panels, they can be attached to the light strips with a click system. The skins are available in black and pink – availability from December. iOS users can view the lines in the Nanoleaf app from mid-October. Android– Users are expected to be able to access the Nanoleaf Lines via the app from the end of November.

Nanoleaf Lines in short:

+ Really nice mood light
+ Thread compatible and router
+ Easy to use and adapt
+ Long power cord
+ Timeless basic design
– not that cheap at all
– Amazon Alexa skill cannot be used by many (including me)

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