Nantes: a high school student is kidnapped in the middle of class, a hoax organized for his birthday

The joke did not at all make the police officers who were alerted laugh. The young man was taken to the police station for questioning.

The course of the first students of a Nantes high school was disturbed in an unusual way this Monday at the start of the afternoon. While the teenagers are installed in their place, facing their teacher, a hooded individual enters the room and kidnaps one of the high school students, according to information from West France confirmed to by a police source.

The kidnapping is quickly reported to the police who begin a search. But these remain unsuccessful for a simple reason: the kidnapping was organized from scratch for the birthday of the “disappeared”.

Some time later, in the afternoon, the student in question presented himself to the management of the establishment to put an end to the hoax. Still, this bad taste joke did not make the investigators laugh at all, we are told.

Released without prosecution

The false victim was taken to the police station to be interviewed, the investigators still wishing to ensure that the kidnapping was not linked to drug trafficking.

The young man was released without prosecution at this stage, said the public prosecutor of Nantes to “We are waiting to have arrested the false kidnapper. We want the file to be complete before possibly initiating proceedings against him and the false victim”, underlines Renaud Gaudeul.

Amber Lepoivre BFMTV journalist

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