Naoki Yoshida Confirms Final Fantasy 14 Is The Most Profitable Episode Of The Saga

At this point, it is even possible to think that the MMORPG is perhaps the title that has brought in the most money in the history of Square Enix as we do not see what other game can boast of a model. economical and of comparable longevity, apart of course from its predecessor Final Fantasy 11. Before the extension is released Endwalker in November, this title, however badly embarked upon when it was born in 2010, has only gained in popularity since its rebirth in 2013 under the name A Realm Reborn with Naoki Yoshida as project manager, as the latter recalls on the PlayStation Blog thinking back to the road traveled.

Final Fantasy 14 now has 24 million registered players. This figure was 4 million in 2015 and 10 million at the launch of the extension. Stormblood in 2017. “Going forward, we will not be spending money on our investments to ensure this game continues to be enjoyed by our players.“, a entrusts Naoki Yoshida on Media Tour forEndwalker. Investments which concern the game itself, but also undoubtedly the reinforcement of the servers responsible for accommodating more and more adventurers.

And Endwalker marks the end of the saga of Hydaelyn and Zodiark which began at the same time as the game, Final Fantasy 14 has no intention of stopping there, Naoki Yoshida even evoking plans for “the next 10 years. “With a little luck, the star producer will have taken the time to show Final Fantasy 16 Meanwhile.

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