NASA Clothing Relieves Menopause Symptoms

Most women repair it quickly when they go through menopause. But a NASA technology promises to alleviate those moments.

NASA – National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Or National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

We immediately associate NASA with the Moon, with rockets, with space missions, with Space in general.

But “down here”, on Earth, there are projects gives NASA that have nothing to do with Space but are Useful for millions of people.

THE video camera and taking pictures on cell phones. Yes, it’s a NASA invention. You headphones wireless, the lenses with ultra-violet protection, the thermometers infrared and the detectors of smoke too, remember the portal Travel Routes.

Now comes a technology, also created by NASA, to smooth The menopause.

The portal UOL indicates that the agency is contributing to the production of clothes that promise alleviate heat fluctuations after the last menstruation.

It is estimated that three out of four women experience moments of greater heat, in three years and a half following menopause.

To combat this phase, textile trader Louise Nicholson founded the brand Fifty One Apparel – fifty one (51), the average age of onset of menopause.

The priority was to add to the fabrics of the existing clothes to cool the body materials that would regulate body temperature in variations of heat. Because there is “cold waves” that arise after these moments of heat.

Louise met the technology Outcastdeveloped by Triangle Research and Development Corporation for NASA almost 40 years ago.

Outcast was used for the astronaut glovesfor them to be able to withstand the extreme temperatures in space.

The gloves incorporate micro-capsules of a material that maintain a constant temperature as it changes from solid to liquid phase, or vice versa.

Now, Fifty One Apparel features Outlast capsules, promising to maintain the thermal regulation of the material created for NASA and the look and soft feel of fabrics used in the textile industry.

pants and t-shirtspajamas, scarves, masks and are pieces that are being produced with this technology.

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