NASA warns about military purposes of space missions: "We should be very concerned that China lands on the Moon"

NASA warns about military purposes of space missions: “We should be very concerned that China lands on the Moon”

In recent years we have witnessed the growth of China as one of the world’s greatest powers in space exploration, matching its presence to that of NASA.

The truth is also that during this time it has been a frank mystery where the urge to grow so much in such a short time within said terrain has arisen.

Today the United States space exploration agency seems to have expressed its point of view regarding this phenomenon, setting off alarm signals about the real situation.

As if it were a twisted episode of the defunct Space Force series, so that the Chinese would actually have not-so-peaceful intentions behind it all.

NASA warns about China

Due to the nature of the source of this news, it is necessary to take relative criteria as indicated. Since, technically it would be official that the United States would fear that China could reach the Moon to claim it as its territory.

All this is concluded from an alleged series of statements by the head of NASA, Bill Nelson, in an interview with the newspaper bild of Denmark and replicated by the people of RussiaTodaywho are not a precise source of objective information since the beginning of the armed conflict with Ukraine.

According to the site, Nelson would believe that the Chinese space agency would be planning to build its own lunar base, together with Moscow, by the year 2035.

So a year later they could start a series of tests, exercises and experiments on lunar territory. What would pose a scenario of frank conflict between the nations that have arrived there:

“We should be very concerned that China lands on the Moon and says, ‘Now it’s ours and you guys stay out of it.’ There is a new space race, this time against China.

What do you think will happen on the Chinese space station? They will be there to learn how to destroy other people’s satellites.”

This is what the highest authority of NASA would have said, asserting in passing that the Asians would have “a military space program” whose essential objective would be to beat their rivals in this competition.

Even when that may involve the destruction of the satellites and facilities of other space exploration agencies.

In January 2019, a Chinese spacecraft managed to land on the far side of the Moon for the first time. In what represented the first step in a more complex mission to get his men there.

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