Nasty scenes in the middle of Elizabeth’s funeral – collapses and is carried away Click to add title

Nasty scenes in the middle of Elizabeth's funeral - collapses and is carried away Click to add title

Nasty during the funeral.

Swedish Dam on site in London: “Security is a challenge”

After the commercial: Swedish Dam on site in London: “Security is a challenge”


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The funeral for Queen Elizabeth is currently taking place in Westminster Abbey. The same church in which she married her great love Prince Philip 75 years ago.

2,200 people are on hand to say goodbye to her majesty and among them are world leaders such as Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron. Royalties from all over the world are also present. The Swedish royal family, with King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia traveled to London yesterday and are of course there. They got the very best seats, opposite the British royal family.

The security requirement is very large. All events have been canceled and Monday is also a red day around the country. Schools and shops have also closed. According to English media, nearly 10,000 police officers are on site and the military has also been called in to secure the funeral.

The British royal house’s mark against the king and Silvia – visible in the middle of the broadcast

Nasty scenes in the middle of the funeral – policeman collapses

Several international media are now writing, including Norwegian VG and English Daily Star, that a policeman has collapsed outside the church. The man has been taken to the hospital and at the moment it is not known what caused the collapse. The situation should not be serious.

There have previously been reports that the pressure on the police and security services is enormous. Especially given that the funeral is the biggest ceremony to happen to Britain – ever.

The policeman has been taken to hospital. Photo:


Svensk Damtidning is here to give you the latest updates on the funeral of the century – direct from London.

After the ceremony at Westminster Abbey, the coffin will be carried through central London, via Buckingham Palace, west to Windsor Castle where a small service will be held in St George’s Chapel before the Queen is laid to rest.

The Queen is buried with her husband, Prince Philip, who passed away in April last year.

Historic picture! Harry and William reunited at Elizabeth’s coffin – the eerie detail

Silvia in great sadness – here she pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth at the coffin

Queen Elizabeth sat at the throne 70 years. She lived to be 96 years old.

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