Natalia Téllez: why she was about to resign from “Netas Divinas”

After embarking on “Divine Nets” more than 5 years ago, the great ones of consolation duval, Paola Rojas, Natalia Téllez and Daniela Magun have managed to monopolize the covers of newscasts and magazines throughout Mexico. Although they are all known for their solid television friendship, Téllez confessed that she was about to say goodbye to the aforementioned small screen program.

During the last broadcast of the show where they celebrated their five-year anniversary, the former host of “Today” He confessed that it was a difficult decision that involved the personal and professional aspect.

And it is that the version of Natalia Tellez indicates that he was close to leaving the television program due to an emotional outburst after the birth of his daughter.

“It was a very strong hormonal moment because Emi was just born. They gave me a job offer and I thought I would take it.”pointed out the television host.

Along these lines, she maintained that despite having thought of leaving “Netas Divinas”, the actress also added that she contacted her colleagues to share her decision. Immediately, this brought a moment of reflection to be able to take “a weight off my shoulders”.

Of course, her companions did not hesitate to comment on Téllez’s decision: “It was not for bad, it was for mensa, but you had lucidity and you changed your mind”, held.

Together with the other hosts of "Netas divinas", a program of which she has been a part since 2018 (Photo: Natalia Téllez / Instagram)

Together with the other hosts of “Netas divinas”, a program of which she has been a part since 2018 (Photo: Natalia Téllez / Instagram)

However, in that season she began to receive calls that she indicates as “signals”, which influenced her decision to leave the program. “I would go out into the street and a lady: ‘Divine Netas accompanied me in my husband’s mourning’, and I would say: ‘she is an actress’, and then I would go to another place and a guy would arrive: ‘I see Netas and when they spoke from the community, I’m a guy, my mom saw it, she helped a lot’, all the time and I said ‘what’s happening?’”he pointed out.


Some time ago, Natalia was encouraged to respond jokingly and stated that she would be encouraged to have “a family of 8”, although she immediately corrected herself and made it clear that having more children is not in her plans.

Being honest, being a mom was the biggest fear, after dyingbeing a mother was the biggest fear of existence and it has turned out so well that since I am incredulous and since there is something cynical about me that even when everything goes well I say ‘I better not move him because then who knows if it goes wrong’”expressed the famous 36-year-old.


  • Name: Natalia Tellez Martinez
  • Place of birth: Mexico City (Mexico)
  • Date of Birth: December 16, 1985
  • Age: 36 years
  • Nationality: mexican
  • Occupation: actress and television host
  • current program: Divine Nets (Unicable)
  • Education: Artistic Education Center (Televisa)
  • Sons: 1 (Emilia, 2021)
  • Partner: Antonio Zabala

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