Natalie regarding praise for her dress in Ethel’s ‘matri’: “I had it in the closet without knowing when to use it”

Natalie Vertiz dedicated a few minutes of his program this Saturday to thank all those who praised the dress he wore during the wedding of Ethel Pozo and Julián Alexander, who got married at a farm in Pachacamac last weekend.

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The hosts of ‘You are in All’ commented on the ceremony and the model assured that Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter was beautiful in her wedding dress and that together with the television producer, they distilled love.

At that moment, Choca Mandros intervened and indicated that the best dressed of the event was his partner. The truth is that I had that dress in my closet and I said ‘when am I going to wear it’ and it was just the occasion because it was a beautiful three-quarter length dress, with flowers, beautiful. Yes it was black, normally for a wedding I don’t usually use that color but it was beautiful and the truth is that it was the perfect moment to use it”, bounded Natalie Vertiz.

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In that sense, he thanked everyone who commented that they liked his look. “Thanks to everyone who liked my dress, to Pepe Torrejón who told me so many nice things”, said the host of ‘Etás en Todos’.

He also explained why he did not wear a long dress. “If my dress had been floor length, it would have been perhaps very elegant. The marriage was in the countryside, then, suddenly very long and with that volume it was ‘to much’, but it was three quarters and it seemed like the perfect occasion”he indicated.


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