National collection: how to return or register your weapon safely?

From this Friday, November 25 and until Friday, December 2, the owners of an illegally held weapon are called upon to go to a collection point in order to return it or to regularize the situation by reporting it to the appropriate file. The approach is part of a national collection campaign led by the Ministry of the Interior.

It is the grandfather’s gun, the rifle found in the shed after the purchase of the house, or, very often, a weapon straight from the trenches of the 1914-1918 war or from the battles of the Second World War. worldwide, and transmitted in the family – and under the mantle – from generation to generation. The Ministry of the Interior is launching this Friday a major national campaign to collect and list weapons, inherited or discovered, and held irregularly. Clandestine owners will then have until December 2 to move to one of the points provided for this purpose in order to abandon their instrument there, or to register it duly.

According to the Interior Ministry, quoted here by France 3five to six million weapons would thus belong to private individuals, under the radars. The institution’s website details the procedure to follow for the public concerned.

Sites in all departments

The first step is to go to one of the 300 sites set up by the ministry, the exact addresses of which are listed on this page. They will be distributed throughout the territory and departments. These points, open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. during the week, will mobilize 5,000 police or gendarmes. Note that if the journey is impossible, it is also possible to contact your prefecture to organize the terms of the removal.

Once there, two options for the holder: either leave his weapon in the good care of the State, or register it at the Weapons Information System. It is also the extension of the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise of this SIA – reserved until now for hunters – which motivates this campaign. In itself, it will also be possible from this Friday to register his weapon online on this same SIA but the officials administering the collection points will be able to help the owner to do things in the rules.

Simplified procedure

This is one of the first advantages of the operation: it allows a simplified approach. The second issue, and the main one, is to comply with the law. Because as Place-Beauvau reminds us: “Firearms are not goods like any other. They are dangerous and their possession by uninitiated people increases their dangerousness”.

Argument not negligible: impunity is guaranteed to irregular holders of weapons who will take advantage of the collection to offload the cumbersome object or identify it. Indeed, if they are still called upon to do so after 2 December, this time with police stations or gendarmerie brigades, they will then risk falling under the scope of legislation on the transport or possession of weapons without permission.

Leaders who, according to the weapon, exposed the offender to a prison sentence of up to five years (for categories A or B) and a fine of 75,000 euros, or respectively two years and one year in prison, together with a fine of 30,000 and 15,000 euros for weapons falling under categories C and D.

Some parts to provide

The weapon holder must present himself on the site with an identity document. As for the proof of address, which the ministry specifies that it is necessary for registration, it can be added to the file later. The user wishing to formalize the possession of his weapon and keep it must also provide a good quality photo, so that we can read the brand, the model, the name of the manufacturer, the caliber or even the number. series.

Registration is for firearms only. On the other hand, it is possible to definitively surrender all types of weapons within the framework of an abandonment procedure, with the exception of explosives, powders, large caliber ammunition (i.e. equal or greater than 20mm), or shells, grenades and other “engines of war“. In which case, it will be necessary to contact the prefecture. The owner can also join it if he is worried about the transport of the weapon.

A toll-free number will also be put into service for Ile-de-France residents: 0805-014-005.

Robin Verner

Robin Verner BFMTV journalist

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