National Drill 2022: the seismic alert was activated and the overflight of Condors began

(Photo: Presidency of Mexico)
(Photo: Presidency of Mexico)

On September 19, the National Macro Drill 2022 in commemoration of the earthquakes of 2019 and 1985. The exercise, according to the authorities, was based on an event of 8.1 registered in the coasts of Michoacán and Guerrero.

Minute by minute:

12:35 The C5 begins to receive the first complaints of seismic alerts without operating.

According to users, the sound was not heard in Colonia Vergel (Tlalpan), near the Culhuacán metro, Colonia Vértiz-Narvarte, Pedregal de San Nicolás, Insurgentes, Molino de Rosas (Álvaro Obregón), among others.

To report a speaker failure via Twitterit is necessary to file the complaint with the Post ID.

12:30 Mexican Seismic Alert System (SASMEX) returns to normal operation.

“Any warning sign should be considered as a real earthquake,” he warned.

12:27 Claudia Sheinbaumhead of government of the capital, addresses the C5 to follow up on the National Drill

12:22 CDMX SSC helicopters begin aerial monitoring and buildings evacuate their personnel

12:19 Seismic alert is activated

Information in development…

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