National team: is there a plot against Belmadi’s men?

In a program entitled “30 minutes with Hafid”, presented by Algerian journalist and commentator Hafid Derradji, a plot against the stability of the National Team and its coach Djamel Belmadi was discussed.

Currently working in Qatar, on the beIN Sports channel, the ex-journalist of ENTV, Hafid Derraji in this case, considered that the stability of the National team is targeted by a conspiracy that has been waged against the players. and his coach Djamel Belmadi.

Indeed, the commentator denounces the catastrophic state of the lawn of the stadium of Blida Mustapha Tchaker, a problem which has not been resolved despite all the complaints and the dissatisfaction of Riyad Mahrez and his teammates, as well as their coach.

Derradji believes that this “would not be the result of chance”, and that there is something wrong behind it. The journalist even pointed the finger at certain members of the federal office of the Algerian Football Federation, also thinking that the president of the FAF “is currently undergoing a rebellion”.

The lawn of the Tchaker stadium, a problem already reported

As a reminder, the coach of the National Team, Djamel Belmadi, had already described the state of the stadium lawn of Blida as “catastrophic”. The latter even denounce an attempt at “sabotage”

“I feel like I have discussed the Tchaker issue since I arrived in 2018 and not a lot has changed. When that changes, it changes the time of a match “, revealed Belmadi during a press conference held the day before the match against Djibouti.

In June, we had a good lawn after a long job. We therefore decided that we would play Tchaker with the agreement of the players. As if by magic, two months later, we find a calamity. I will use the term, it is sabotage, ”announced the coach.

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