NCIS: Gibbs stops – "I am not going back"

Warning, spoilers for a new episode “NCIS” will follow!

Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs knows many TV viewers worldwide, after all, he is the main character in the long-lived and extremely popular crime series “NCIS”. For 18 years and as many seasons, Mark Harmon has played the character as a figurehead for the title, but more recently there have been indications that his employment would end after many years.

As the usually well-informed industry journal Deadline now reports, these have now been confirmed: Mark Harmon is officially out of “NCIS”. However, that’s not the whole news and fans are still allowed to Don’t give up hope to see you again.

Gibbs gets out of “NCIS”

Over several episodes, the farewell had already been indicated. Gibbs first investigated on his own, almost died and was even officially renegade. But now everything came to an end in the fourth episode of the now 19th season “Great Wide Open”. He and Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) solve a case in Alaska of a hit man hired by a local company.

Gibbs then tells his partner Vance (Rocky Carroll) and McGee that it is over for him. “I’m not going back, Tim,” he says in the appropriate episode. “I’m not going home anymore.” He doesn’t yet know what he’s hoping to find, but he feels a certain peacewhom he has not known since the death of his first wife and daughter. And he’s not ready to let go of that feeling yet. Then he confesses to his comrade McGee that there couldn’t have been a better person to keep his back free. When they say goodbye emotionally, they are both in each other’s arms.

The series’ creator takes a stand

“NCIS” showrunner and co-producer Steve Binder had nothing but praise for Mark Harmon and at the same time spoke about the future of the series – and also about Harmons on the series. With the star also serving as executive producer, he will continue to be an integral part of the series. He also emphasized that you can never completely rule out the character Gibbs.

In fact, Harmon is said to have dropped out primarily as a so-called “series regular”, i.e. as an integral part of the cast. As the entertainment president of the broadcaster CBS Kelly Kahl added, however, you just have to see how everything will develop in the future with regard to any later appearances by Gibbs.

When Gibbs’ departure from the “NCIS” narrative universe will be shown in Germany is currently not known. In the past, Sat.1 always started broadcasting new episodes in January. So it is to be hoped that this will also be the case this time.

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