"Near Tschagguns there is a pack of wolves"

Wildlife biologist Hubert Schatz as a guest

Whether it’s wolves in the Vorarlberg border region or the wildcat sighted earlier this week in the Dornbirn mountain village of Ebnit, Hubert Schatz, as an expert, is one of the first to be called.

It’s good news in a time full of negative news: Vorarlberg reports the existence of a wildcat. After several shots by wildlife cameras, there is now irrefutable genetic evidence. “Up to now we have had recordings that definitely showed a wild cat. But it could just as easily have been a domestic cat that had been released into the wild and looked no different from wild cats. The fact that we now have clear genetic proof of the actual existence of the wild animal is a wonderful thing,” says Schatz, assessing the discovery.

difference from cats

The wildlife biologist explains in the video how to distinguish a wild cat from a domestic cat.

Lynx in the woods

From his point of view, one of the positive facts is that lynx are once again spreading in our forests. “So far six have been confirmed. But I believe their number is in the low double digits: between ten and 15.” The lynx definitely has the potential to influence the deer population. Lynx migrated to us from Switzerland, says the wildlife biologist. They would find ideal living conditions and a rich supply of food here.

Hunters on the Kanisfluh

However, less pleasant occurrences can also be registered in our nature. In this context, Schatz once again mentions the hunting behavior of a German group in the Kanisfluh area. “Drones and helicopters have no place there,” says Schatz.

Wolf pack in Vorarlberg

The expert is also skeptical about developments taking place across the border in Montafon, in Graubünden. It’s about the wolf. Schatz: “We can now register a wolf pack formation not far from Tschagguns in the border area.

It is to be expected that wolves will migrate to our country. So far we have been spared from major problems caused by wolves. In complete contrast to the Swiss neighborhood. Herds of sheep were driven down into the valley earlier this year due to the wolf kills.”

The entire broadcast

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