Need For Speed ​​Twitter account insults fans: Apologies from EA

With its atmospheres strongly close to street art, Need For Speed ​​Unbound presents itself as one of the most atypical episodes ever for the long-lived racing series, to the point that the new setting may not meet the tastes of all fans of the series.

It is not at all uncommon for several players to express their perplexities or criticisms under the posts of the official accounts of a game or a software house, however what recently happened on the Twitter profile of Need For Speed has generated a controversy that has not gone unnoticed. At a certain point, in fact, the manager of the Twitter page began to ad insult some followersas also testified by an exchange reported by the portal Dexerto.

The situation has therefore gotten out of hand, generating a certain discontent among the players for what happened on the Need For Speed ​​page. For this reason, always through the same profile, Electronic Arts posted a short apology message for what happened. “We admit we got a little carried away by the hype surrounding the game’s launch, and some of our social media replies went over the top. We apologize to the fans we have angered, we will do better. See you here next week“, writes EA.

So leaving this little hiccup behind us, let’s find out details on the Lakeshore Online mode of Need For Speed ​​Unbound. Also don’t miss the latest Need For Speed ​​Unbound gameplay video, focusing on the Speed ​​Race.

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