Negotiations: Citizens’ money instead of Hartz IV: The traffic lights want to change that now

The negotiations between the SPD, the Greens and the FDP to form the traffic light coalition have been concluded. How the new citizen money should look like.

  • Citizens’ benefit instead of Hartz IV – the traffic light parties want to change unemployment benefit II
  • But what does that mean exactly? Has Hartz IV been abolished now?
  • These are the plans of the presumably new government

The traffic light parties have concluded their coalition negotiations: the SPD, Greens and FDP presented the joint contract on Wednesday. In the exploratory paper, the coalition partners already had the so-called Bürgergeld promised to replace Hartz IV. What is known about the proposed change.

In the coalition agreement that our editors have before us, it is announced that the basic security will be replaced by “a new citizen’s benefit”. Liveblog: Ampel presents coalition agreement

Traffic light: Citizens’ money should respect the “dignity of the individual”

“Instead of the previous basic security (Hartz IV), we will introduce citizens’ money,” says the contract. “Citizens’ money should respect the dignity of the individual, enable them to participate in society and be digitally and easily accessible.” The most important points at a glance:

  • In the first two reference years of the benefit, the citizens’ benefit will be “without crediting the Fortune“granted, in addition,” the appropriateness of apartment” accepted.
  • That Sparing ability will be increased, at the same time the review is to be reduced bureaucratic and simplified – for example through digital processes.
  • The possibilities of further education and Qualification want to improve the traffic light parties. With the help of the citizens’ money, “the potential of people and help for sustainable integration into the labor market” should be brought into focus. As part of a competence assessment procedure, the strengths and development needs of the relatives could be determined. “Soft skills” are also taken into account.
  • “Citizens entitled to benefits can […] a temporary one for the participation in the promotion or support measures serving the integration Bonus are paid “, it also says in the contract.
  • Additional income opportunities should be improved in the future in order to “increase incentives for employment subject to social insurance”.
  • School and student jobs in Communities of need according to the Social Security Code (SGB) II should no longer be taken into account. The tax exemption for trainees is to be increased.

The coalition agreement must be approved by party congresses in the SPD and FDP. A member survey is necessary for the Greens. Some significant changes are planned: The pension is to be strengthened. The contract also includes plans to legalize cannabis.

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