Negotiations failed. Unions reject but Government advances with payment of 50 euros for overtime

António Cotrim/LUSA

Marta Temido during a press conference

Negotiations between the Government and representatives of medical workers failed again, announced on Wednesday night the Minister of Health, Marta Temido, indicating that the proposal of 50 euros for overtime in external emergency services was not “sufficient” , but that will move forward.

“The Government put on the table the proposal similar to the one applied in the autonomous region of Madeira”, said Temido, adding that this one that had already been “indicated” by the unions “as the path to take”.

The meeting “ended without an agreement, but the Government will proceed with the payment of 50 euros per hour for overtime, in addition to the hours that constitute the legal limit of 150 hours that are performed by these health professionals”, he said.

However, according to the minister, quoted by the agency Lusa“the unions did not understand that this proposal was a sufficient solution”.

The head of the Health Ministry stressed, however, that the Government could not stop “taking steps” in order to resolve the closure of gynecology and obstetrics emergencies in hospitals in various parts of the country in recent days, due to difficulties in ensuring doctors’ schedules.

“This issue we are faced with is not new, but it has not had a complete answer so far, of having two work regimes in emergency services, often provided by the same provider (…) but which generates a feeling of injustice, insecurity and uneasiness”, analyzed Temido.

And he continued: “the Government, despite this, will make the necessary regulations to frame this solution that put on the table transiently”.

The tutelage intends that this transitional regime does not exceed the need for one year of validity, stressed Temido, adding that “during this period, this regime may naturally be replaced by a more favorable regime, which will be negotiated and which results from union negotiations” .

The minister underlined that the unions raised the need for the government to adopt “structural measures”. Temido explained that this is also the Government’s intention and that the negotiations have a calendar of 180 days and the first meeting is scheduled for July 13.

The official insisted that the Government reinforced to the union structures the need to start this negotiation process, in view of the “structural modifications” that guarantee the answer to the problems. And he added that the Government presented three proposals for these problems, all with “a remuneration framework”.

“[Foi apresentada] a structural response related to the need to negotiate a regime of full dedication, which, as is known, was an objective of the Government’s program (…) and is a structural approach for the National Health Service (SNS). Another answer is the theme of the work carried out in the context of the emergency service and, once again, the functioning of the health services network, and another theme is the norms of organization and discipline of medical work”, pointed out the minister.

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