"Neighbor will go on loan and the options are Colo Colo or Godoy Cruz"

Several days ago the name of Thiago Vecino appeared in the orbit of Colo Colo. The Uruguayan striker does not have space in Nacional de Uruguay and news is coming from Charruas today.

The journalist Gonzalo Corbo, in the Men of Soccer program, spoke about the future of one of the promises of Uruguayan soccer and mentioned Colo Colo. What did he say? Here we tell you.

“Thiago Vecino is going to go out on loan. The options are Godoy Cruz or Colo Colo”, were the words of the Uruguayan journalist who puts the Chief as a clear option in the future of the forward.

Thiago Vecino in the Uruguayan national team

It should be remembered that the name of the former national team was brought to the premises of the Monumental stadium while Blanco y Negro negotiated with Marcelo Moreno Martins.

Today within the club they are looking for an alternative and the only thing that is known is that hiring a forward center is still a priority and that it will no longer be as bombastic a name as Triple M.

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