Neighborhood meeting for insecurity in City Bell

Large group of neighbors gathered in the area of ​​26 and 457 / EL DIA

A large group of neighbors who live in the Quintas de Alvear neighborhood, in City Bell, held a meeting whose objective is to try to put a stop to insecurity. Organized and with concrete actions, they will request a meeting with the authorities to propose a solution to this scourge.

The call took place at the corner of 26 and 457, and was attended by more than 60 families who are on alert, given the situation that is experienced daily in the area.

“We are extremely concerned about the insecurity that has plagued us daily, for a long time,” said Melisa, a resident of City Bell, in an interview with EL DIA.

“In recent weeks, the number of crimes has increased considerably, as well as the level of violence from assaults and break-ins. The situation has become unsustainable and the response so far from the authorities has been null or very deficient,” added the frentista.

For his part, he said that the meeting aimed to “organize ourselves and propose concrete actions that we will begin to carry out starting this week.”

In recent weeks, some assaults and wiretaps have been reported that have occurred in businesses in the downtown area of ​​Citibelense, especially on Cantilo Street and its surroundings. But, simultaneously, -especially in recent days- the chosen targets include private homes. And where they exercise a greater degree of violence against the affected people.

This was the case of a family that lives a few meters from the corner of 26 and 458. Several assailants broke into their home twice in ten days. And not only did they steal money and valuables, but they terrified their owners by attacking them with blows.

The unusual thing is that in the neighborhood they have a neighborhood alarm and in some sectors there is private security, but “they rob you just the same,” a neighbor told this newspaper.

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