Neighborhood trouble for the accesses to the UNO stadium

They worked on the wiring in the area of ​​55 and 115 / the day

After the announcement made by the Citizen Ombudsman of La Plata of the start of works to enable new public access to the UNO de Estudiantes de La Plata stadium, the neighbors yesterday expressed their discomfort upon verifying that “practically nothing has been done so far” and They demand that the club accelerate the steps to approve the alternatives to reduce the impact of the usual movement that the area has every time the La Plata team plays at home for the local tournament or international competitions.

From the official distribution they had announced that work would begin yesterday on 115 to enable access to the stalls that overlook that street and the popular street of 57. According to different neighbors, once again we are facing the “non-compliance of the parties involved” and they affirmed that nothing of what was announced materialized, at least on the day before.

As this newspaper was able to observe, work was carried out yesterday inside the Estudiantes property on the underground electrical installations that could be linked to the electrical network that would generate greater lighting in the area of ​​the future access that Estudiantes had announced in a multisectoral meeting on May 17. . The repair and construction of new sidewalks for 115 still do not have a certain completion date.

Yesterday, some neighbors went to the area where the works would begin – new sidewalks, lighting and pruning of trees to clear the Forest area -, and they found “nothing. We don’t see anything. Nowhere. Next weekend, Estudiantes plays at 6:00 p.m. If the usual time for fans to enter is respected, it would be at 4:00 p.m., when there is natural light. For this reason, and for Saturday’s game, the neighbors believe that the lighting is not necessary and they could execute the new accesses for 115”.

Given the situation, the residents of the area closest to the UNO stadium requested a new meeting with the municipal mayor so that “the announced work plan is put into operation.”

Another neighbor stated that “we don’t even have the QR codes that those of us who live in the sector affected by each security operation that is deployed had been promised. That way we could go in and out with some freedom. It could be a breakthrough. But not much progress has been made either.”

As reported by the local Citizen Ombudsman, in a statement, “the club confirmed that next Tuesday 21 -yesterday- the construction works of sidewalks on Calle 1 and the lighting of the perimeter that gives on the Paseo de los Profesores will begin. The works will be carried out with the Public Spaces area of ​​the Municipality who will be in charge of installing the lights in the area. These works are carried out to improve access to the Stadium and promote a friendly space in the Forest, so that fans and groups concentrate there and not on streets such as 3 and 56 that cause inconvenience and complaints from neighbors. Historically, the ‘pinchas’ families got together to perform the famous preview in the ombú, for this reason, the Club’s intention is to improve access to the ombú and the forest with good light and sidewalks so that later the entrance to the stadium is through the street. 115 and decompress the entrance through Calle 1”.

The club argues that “the work was projected, budgeted and approved by the Board of Directors in a more than logical period, but later they had to go out and look for companies to carry it out and that took more time added to the permanent variation in prices that does not favor neither the company nor the club”, adds the statement.

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