Neighbors point against the UNLP for the pruning of trees in the Sports Field

Neighbors of the Forest area expressed their discomfort at the pruning of trees in the vicinity of the athletics track of the UNLP Sports Field. As they explained, the work that is being carried out does not have any environmental criteria and produces the degradation of the species.

Clearly concerned about the situation, the demonstrators called for the actions to cease and pointed out that “it goes against several tree protection regulations”.

It should be noted that in this sector, the UNLP is carrying out a series of reforms to remodel the field’s athletics track located at 50 and 117.

“We want an explanation of what is happening. Pruning is being carried out without any phytosanitary criteria and that is leading to degradation of the green spaces that the UNLP has and that belong to all the people of La Plata, since it is part of the Forest”they expressed.

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