Neira takes away the merits of Gil’s goal "It’s the goalkeeper’s fault"

Leonardo Gil made his fourth free-kick goal so far this season, the last this weekend in the victory of Colo Colo 2-1 against Palestino on the 24th date of the National Championship, where the “Colo” He stopped rival goalkeeper Cristopher Toselli.

Specialist like Jorge Aravena and Michelangelo Neira they highlighted the good punch of “Colo”, and the latter also took time to analyze Gil’s latest conquest and threw himself against Toselli, whom he held responsible for the goal.

The former player from Universidad Católica and O’Higgins among other teams spoke with Dale Albo and blamed the goalkeeper for giving Gil the stick.

That goal is the goalkeeper’s fault, if the goalkeeper cares about his stick, which is what he has to do, if the ball passes over the barrier it is the responsibility of the player and if Toselli remained standing in his sector, he would raise his hand and send it to the corner“Neira said.

“I’ve always said, goal next to the goalkeeper, it’s the goalkeeper’s fault, because it is impossible that if he goes to his side he does not control the ball or I deflect it, “he added.

Finally, he noted that “when Gil was walking towards the ball, Toselli took a step behind the barrier and there, he died “.

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