Neither at the wake nor at mass fans stop watching the World Cup in Qatar

Mass Sunday became football Sunday practically all over the world, this because of the Qatar World Cup Kick Off, whose opening match, Qatar-Ecuadorwas seen in all corners of the planet, and churches were no exception.

This happened in Nicaragua, where a young man who had gone to the temple took advantage of the morning to take out his cell phone and watch the game while the mass was in progress.

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“You already feel the atmosphere of soccer,” wrote the user of Twitter OnlyMush4who was in charge of uploading the clip.

Sitting on one of the benches, the man in the lilac shirt was recorded while paying attention to what the priest was saying, however, that did not stop him from following what was happening in Doha.


If having seen the first match of the World Cup in the churches was cause for surprise, the following will cause greater astonishment, since a video uploaded to TikTok has shown that said match was also followed at a wake organized in Ecuadorian lands.

The video clip was recorded in what appears to be a home, there were a large number of people sitting in front of the television transmitted the Qatar-Ecuador, same as he was in front of a coffin full of flower arrangements.


The Qatar-Ecuador duel The South American team ended up winning it 0-2, a result that sent them to the leadership of Group A of the 2022 World Cup.

The hero of the match was Enner Valenciaa former striker for Tigres and Pachuca who scored a double despite having played with a sore knee.

The first day of this group ended this Monday with the victory of the Netherlands over Senegal, also by a score of 2-0.

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