Neither Lex Luthor nor Zod: This is the true first villain of Superman

Few appreciate the fact that Superman he is considered like the first superhero in historywith its first and glorious appearance in the Action Comics #1 from far away 1938. And every first hero needs a first villain.

84 years have passed since the emergence of Clark Kent, who has had to face dozens of villains over time. The best known by geeks are Lex Luthor, Zod and Brainiac, but the last son of Krypton had to face another threat at the beginning.

It’s not that well known, it’s not famous, it hasn’t been seen in a big movie production, but He was the first to measure himself against Superman. His name is Ultra-Humanity.

Who is Ultra-Humanity?

This villain first appeared in the Action Comics #13 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, and if indeed he is the first Superman villain, It is also the first in the entire history of comicsyes

According to a report on the website of His houseUltra-Humanity, physically resembling the X-Men’s Professor X, was designed to be the absolute antithesis of Kal-El: a mad scientist with an extremely superior intellect.

An image of the Ultra-Humanite, Superman's first villain, physically resembling Professor X of the X-Men.

His great intellect was obtained after a strange scientific experiment and after empowering them, set his goal to dominate the world. The problem is that he crossed the path of the Man of Steel.

Dialogue taken from Action Comics #13 between Superman and Ultra-Humanity.

Ultra-Humanity and Superman faced each other repeatedly, but the first definitive battle was in his lair, when Kal-El was almost shot, but using his super speed he puts the villain in front of the bullet, which ends up killing him.

However, coming back from the dead is not a novelty in comics and the Ultra-Humanite did it several times. Unfortunately, over time he lost popularity as new villains arrived in the comics and today, although he has the label of great villain, he is practically unknown.

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