Neither return nor stay: 1.47 million refugees need to be transferred to third countries

UNHCR, the United Nations agency for refugeesrecalled that This year alone, 1.47 million people need to move to other countries in order to settle permanently. In addition, he warned that projections for 2023 show that this figure will rise to 2 million, that is, 36% more. However, only a few tens of thousands get this opportunity each year.

The humanitarian impacts of the pandemic, the large number of widespread conflicts and the emergence of situations that generated new displacement of refugees during the last year are behind this increase. What happens is that there are countries that receive displaced people, but are not in a position to offer them safe and permanent settlement.

Syrian refugees are the ones most in need of resettlement.

Then, there is this tragic situation where the refugees they cannot return to their countries of origin because their lives are in danger, nor can they stay where they are, because their health is at risk, for example, and the resettlement quotas in other States that agree to receive them are minimal. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands are in limbo.

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