Nepal would move Everest Base Camp due to climate change and human activity

The Government of Nepal is evaluating the possibility of moving the camp a few meters further down from which many mountaineers begin their climb to Mt. Everest. What happens is that the committee that investigated the state of the glacier on which the campsite is located noted that it is becoming increasingly unstable.

“It is an initial discussion. We have experienced increasing changes in the environment. The Khumbu Glacier is melting fast”, said Surya Prasad Upadhyaya, head of the committee that moved to the Everest last month to assess site conditions. The melting of the ice on the mountain is explained by climate change, but human activity could also have played a role.

Everest Base Camp, reached after a week of hiking.

The gas used to cook and air-condition the tents generates heat, which impacts the melting of the glacier. Added to this is the absence of toilets, so climbers must urinate in the snow (about 4 thousand liters in total per day) and this also contributes to the melting of this area of ​​the Everest.

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