Net customer rages on Facebook: Empty shelves at discounters cause bewilderment

Empty shelves, sales restrictions and high prices: since the beginning of the Ukraine war, Germans have been in control supermarkets and discounters an exceptional situation. Many products are still months after the start of the war significantly more expensive or often sold out. Reason are mostly delivery bottlenecks.

Some customers still haven’t gotten used to the tense situation when shopping. So also recently net customerwho vented his anger on Facebook on July 31, 2022.

“Don’t you care about your customers?” Empty shelves at Netto cause anger

The man was with his Shopping in the discount store so horrified that he jumped several photos of the empty shelves at Netto made to this later on the The supermarket chain’s Facebook page to post. Captioned “You don’t care about your customers???” he put the photos online.

Milk, crisps, pet food, hygiene products and more: the shelves are strikingly spacious and empty. The reactions of other social media users are mixed. “Did you have time for pictures? Then maybe you also had time to ask the team on site what the problem was?” For example, one criticized the post author. “I actually did. The answer was: ‘You can buy what’s there,'” he countered directly. “delivery problems. Doesn’t look any different with us either,” commented another user.

Meanwhile, other users have photos from their Net regular branch uploaded under the post – a similar picture emerges everywhere: Empty shelves and freezers.

Netto reacts to Facebook post: “We are already working on a solution”

Shortly after the post was published also reacts to the photos and allegations and diligently comments on the reactions of Facebook users. “Unfortunately, a particularly high demand at the moment can mean that some products are not available. However, we are already working on solutions and thank you for your understanding and patience until then,” explains this Discounter’s social media team among the most reproachful comments.

On the always the same answer some customers react annoyed: “Let’s think of a new saying”.

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