Netflix: a new scam circulates by SMS

As reported by several readers, obviously a new wave of phishing SMS was received by several people this Friday, October 18 in the morning. The message in question, featured on the front page of this article, claims that your Netflix subscription “has been restricted” without further details. And offers to “update your payment method” by following a link.

The link has hopefully drawn the suspicion of an overwhelming majority of users. The message is accompanied by a link to “”, a site not owned by Netflix. The site was still reachable in the morning, although it seems to filter connections so that only victims have access to the phishing page (in our case we only saw the mention HTTP/1.0 404 Not Found).

Ignore this SMS from “Netflix” if you received it

This type of malicious messages is a classic of this technique of extortion of sensitive data, called phishing. Victims who click on the link see a page displaying all the codes from the payment page of their Netflix account. Except that it is a fake: when victims enter their payment data, it is transmitted directly to hackers.

Aside from being vigilant, and avoiding clicking on these kinds of links, there really isn’t a magic bullet to protect yourself against these kinds of threats yourself. Netflix and other major platforms generally never offer to update your payment methods, but practices in this area can vary from one company to another, which can cause confusion.

Depending on how the hackers angle their message, spotting a trap can be more difficult than with this phishing campaign. The main paid antiviruses, however, all offer one or more functions to fight against phishing. Most of the solutions available in 2022 are based on a firewall and an updated file that blocks domain names associated with cybercrime.

If you try to click on a malicious link with such an antivirus, the page will simply not open. On iPhone, the antivirus action and the firewall are generally based on a VPN which allows you to filter everything that enters and leaves your device. The other advantage of opting for a paid antivirus is that you also get essential tools to protect your personal data.

Including a password manager, a tool that has become essential to protect the security of your online accounts. Three antivirus vendors stand out in our opinion: Bitdefender and Norton 360 are recognized among the best suites on PC, while Intego has been the undisputed reference on Mac for 25 years.

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