Netflix France in January 2022: new movies and series to watch

Netflix presents the series and films that will be offered in its catalog in January 2022.

Happy new year, good health and good binge watching, if you are the type to devour movies and series without stopping. On the side of the leader in subscription video on demand (SVOD), the new program will start on January 1, 2022, if your head is not too upside down. Films, series, documentaries and content for children.

If you want to catch up with the editions of the previous months, all of our selections are available here. If you get lost in this profusion of works, know that we have concocted a reduced list of the best series on Netflix France of the moment, as well as a selection of the best Netflix movies. And in 2022, you can also catch up with the milestone series of 2021.

Series arriving in January 2022 on Netflix

January 1: Plan Coeur (season 3)

Let’s say it: we weren’t hooked on the first season of Heart Plan. Since then, two more seasons have been produced. But hey, if you like a bit of a cliché romance …

January 10: Undercover (season 3)

Undercover is the first Netflix series to be produced in Belgium. Based on real facts, it features two undercover agents trying to break through the network of a drug lord. How? ‘Or’ What ? By making believe that they are a charming couple of neighbors.

January 13: Chosen

Are you going Choose to watch this series? (* wink, wink *). So it is about a teenager whose daily life is turned upside down by not only discovering her true identity by investigating the mystery of the small quiet town. Ah yes, the blow of the quiet little town. We know.

A Danish series from the creator of The Rain – series that we really liked.

January 13: The Journalist

Adapted from the Japanese film Shinbun Kisha, released in 2019, the series The Journalist has the particularity of being supervised by Michihito Fuji, the filmmaker behind the feature film. Here, actress Ryoko Yonekura plays Anna Matsuda, a local correspondent known as the news maverick. His obsession? Highlight the problems of Japan.

January 14: After Life (season 3)

Well, there’s Ricky Gervais, so what are you waiting for?

January 14: Archive 81

Do you like supernatural horror series? That’s good, Archive 81 is one of them. Mamoudou Athie plays Dan Turner, who accepts the job of restoring several video cassettes linked to a documentary on a sect. You see the big atmosphere coming. In addition, the events take place over two different temporalities, which will meet. Better and better.

He’s making a mistake… // Source: Netflix

January 14: The House

You have loved Isle of Dogs by Wes Anderson? Maybe you will like The House, a comedy described by Netflix as black and eccentric. Three stories are told through an artistic direction that reminds us of the American director’s feature film. All in stop-motion.

January 21: Ozark (season 4, part 1)

Ozark, the following. And because you have to make the fun last, you won’t have the whole of season four, but just its first part.

January 28: In the service of the past

Serving the past, it’s a bit like a series on Black Widow without the powers and costume of a superheroine: a woman (also mother of a child) is in Europe, when suddenly the CIA contacts her to reconnect with her past in the KGB. And as luck would have it, she had some very secret experiences. However, another killer with the same capacities is rife …

Serving the past
A lateral sharp blow and there is no more vertebra. Finally, that may not be his intention. // Source: Netflix

January 28: The woman who lived opposite the girl at the window

Fortunately she did not live elsewhere, otherwise we could not have made a series on her. Otherwise, you will find Kristen Bell going medium-strong, until things take a turn for the least unexpected … and sordid.

Movies coming to Netflix in January 2022

January 1: 17 girls

17 years. 17 girls. 17 girlfriends who decide to get pregnant more or less at the same time. But things don’t necessarily turn out as well as they wanted. It’s inspired by a true story in the United States.

1er janvier : I feel good

He’s getting better and better, Jean Dujardin …

2 janvier : Proud Mary

A contract killer who decides to hatch a young boy whose father she has shot dead. It’s annoying.

January 5: Four halves

A romantic comedy that will try to touch your little heart.

Four halves
Ah there are going to be kisses. // Source: Netflix

January 6: Recluse

It’s a horror movie and it takes place in the 19th century. We pass our turn.

Ah on the other hand, it’s not a kissing atmosphere. // Source: Netflix

January 7: Mother / Android

We find Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays the role of a future mother in a world where androids have gone a little crazy and obviously do not have much to do with Asimov’s laws.

16 janvier : The Front Runner

We like Hugh Jackman, we like JK Simmons, they’re both in the movie. Good on the other hand, it speaks of a scandal on the adultery of an obscure American senator from Colorado, in 1988. It is undoubtedly a subject of very importance for this very sympathetic federated state, but on this side in the Atlantic, the stakes are immediately less salient …

January 20: Absolutely royal!

New Yorker Izzy grows famous at the wedding of a handsome prince. They both fall in love.

January 21: The vice of Munich

It must be tiring for the Germans to see a lot of films about their country about the Nazis. Finally there, we follow two good guys who try to prevent the escalation in Europe. It worked well say so, well done guys

January 22: Massacre at the boarding school

A horror comedy that brings together some famous names like Asa Butterfield, Michael Sheen and Simon Pegg.

January 28: Home Team

American football coach wins Super Bowl. Stop. He is suspended by the NFL. Stop. He leaves to recharge his batteries in his hometown. Stop. He reconnects with his son. Stop. He becomes the coach of the local team where his kid plays. Stop. It’s a great lesson in life. Stop. And a good time a little cliché father / son. Stop.

January 28: Hotel Transylvania 3: a monstrous vacation

Dracula, the mummy, the werewolf, the Frankenstein monster take a vacation.

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