Netflix Games job posting hints at work on AAA PC title

How to at reportedthere is a new one vacancy from the team behind Netflix Games, whose game releases on the platform we’ve covered quite a few times here. Accordingly, they are now looking for a game director for a brand new AAA PC game. Mobile gamers don’t even need to read any further here. Experience in first and third person shooters is desirable, so it’s hard to imagine which genre this could go in. The work with the well-known Unreal Engine is also mentioned, so it should also be interesting visually.

And, which is also in my personal interest, the perfect candidate should also be familiar with cooperative and competitive multiplayer games. The game world that still needs to be created must be worthy of a Netflix series. Is there a new The Walking Dead game coming our way? Pure dreaming on my part. Here, too, there are no in-app purchases, advertising and the like, just like with the other Netflix games. I still maintain that the name Netflix will not be one that automatically makes you think of memorable games for the next few months. The company seems to have some plans in this regard.

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