Netflix Harvesting Harsh Criticism of Monroe Film

Netflix has already released the first trailer for the new film “Blonde” and even before the start there is criticism for the portrayal of Marilyn Monroe.

Blond: “If the audience doesn’t like it, it’s their damn problem!”

Many fans worry that Marylin Monroe will be portrayed very differently in “Blonde” than she really was. The fear is not unfounded, after all, the new Netflix strip is not a biopic based on true facts, but a film adaptation of a novel. The age restriction of 17 years, which the film has received in the USA, also causes tempers to boil over. Fans fear Monroe could be further sexualized and the actress’ human side neglected. As a fan writes on Twitter:

“Reminder: ‘Blonde’ is heavily based on a fictional book about Marilyn Monroe that will continue to feed the public lies about her. This is not a biopic! Also, the NC-17 rating is just because the director wants it not, because it’s necessary. It’s a way to sexualize them even more.”

The fan is playing on the statement of director Andrew Dominik, who proclaimed in an interview: “If the audience doesn’t like it, it’s their damn problem!”. He rejects any criticism and always emphasized that it was a fictional story. The high age restriction is probably based on a rape scene in the film that also occurs in the novel. All in all, however, there are also many voices who already appreciate the trailer for its precision and Ana de Armas for her acting. “Blonde” starts on Netflix on September 28th.

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