Netflix: no one understands why this movie is one of the most watched right now

The trends on Netflix are sometimes surprising. After all, without the platform’s algorithms, we might have missed out on the real phenomenon that is the Squid Game series. However, the success of a series or a film is not necessarily always a guarantee of originality. The general concept around the scenario of Squid Game is thus very inspired by Alice in Borderland. Even the series knows how to make him forget thanks to its visual language, its different tests, the uniforms of the actors, the rules of the game, and much more.

So even though Squid Game and in the same vein as Alice in Borderland, we have two series with different concepts and atmospheres. However, the film we are going to tell you about, which is in the top 5 most viewed films on Netflix, does not seem to bother to differentiate itself from the film from which it is freely inspired. The movie “Seized” (2020) 5th most watched movie on Netflix in the world, is indeed surprisingly close to a movie called “Taken” released in 2008.

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Netflix: customers of the platform have set their sights on the film “Seized”

And it is not, in our opinion, a high quality film. Besides, we are not the only ones to think so: Rotten Tomatoes gives it a score of 40% with a score of the public just above, at 44%. And the overwhelming majority of reviews of Seized are rather murderous. We have a highly anticipated scenario, a lot of violent action scenes, all with a story that we have already seen in the cinema. Judge instead with this synopsis: “The son of a former special forces agent is kidnapped. The former agent must now eradicate three dangerous crime syndicates if he wants to see his son again ”.

Just for comparison, here is the synopsis of “Taken” : “The daughter of a former US secret service agent is kidnapped in Paris. But he only has a few hours to get his daughter back, from the hands of a gang specializing in trafficking in women. The problem is, he’s in Los Angeles ”. The funniest thing is that in English, “Seized” and “Taken” are synonymous. So we don’t know if we can really recommend that you watch “Seized”. Unless you are looking for a relatively entertaining action movie:

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Discover the list of the 10 most watched movies on Netflix in November 2021

In our opinion, however, the list of the 10 most watched movies on Netflix in November is going to be of more interest to you. Except Seized, the list contains mostly high quality titles. We particularly advise you Pink Discover, The More durable They Fall and Army of Thieves :

  1. Red Notice
  2. Love Hard
  3. The Harder They Fall
  4. Snowbound for Christmas
  5. Seized
  6. 21 Jump Street
  7. Passing
  8. 7 Prisoners
  9. The Holiday
  10. Army of Thieves

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