Netflix premieres Turkish film and is succeeding on the platform for this reason

Today in The Truth News We will tell you why you should see the new movie that came to the catalog of Netflix to succeed. It is an international film production, from the Turkish country and it is called “Stay”, in English you can find it as “Don’t Leave”.

This installment has been available on the streaming platform since November 11 and is already among the favorites due to the type of story that is romantic drama. In addition, it offers a very interesting look at the culture of Turkey.

This is the description you posted Netflix: “Semih’s girlfriend leaves him suddenly. In search of answers about their relationship, he must face what he has ignored for so long.”

“Stay”: it is one of the films with the best reviews

“Stay” from the famous Netflix was produced in Turkey in 2018, although it was not until this year that it just arrived on the platform. It is directed by Ozan Açiktan and some of the film reviews that have been given to it are very positive.

ABC Entertainment wrote: “Stay is an engaging film that asks tough questions about the human mind and its complex motivations.”

For his part, FictionHorizon He commented that it is a very realistic tape, without the classic happy ending of all romantic movies, but there is a very psychological development of the characters that impact the viewer:

“It is not a happy movie and you will not find a happy ending. Regardless, the journey to the conclusion is well worth it, thanks to the great performances, strong character construction, and a staging that feels exotic.”

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“Romance Verona”, a story similar to “Stay”

Another highly recommended Netflix movie is “Romance in Verona”. The plot consists of a young woman who is facing a recent breakup, but traveling to Verona she meets an Englishman who could help her heal and fall in love with her again.

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