Netflix: Program for the current week in June – these series and films start

That Netflix program for the current week of June at a glance: In the following list you can find out which series and films will be launched on the streaming service in the next seven days. On June 22nd, among other things, The Umbrella Academy will start its third season. “After averting the end of the world in 1963, the members of the Umbrella Academy believing that they prevented the original apocalypse and restored the timeline once and for all, back to the present. However, after a moment of celebration, they realize that things are not quite as they were when they left,” Netflix wrote of the story.

Netflix: Start these series & films

There are further series replenishments Money Heist: Korea: It starts on June 24th. Here thieves break into the mint of a reunited Korea. When they take hostages, the police must eliminate them and the mysterious mastermind. Film fans tune in to The Man from Toronto, among others. Netflix writes, “A momentous mix-up ensues when a hapless sales representative and the world’s deadliest assassin – known only as the Toronto Man – meet at a vacation resort.” The action comedy will be available on Netflix from June 24th.


  • A doomed love


  • The Legend of Black Snake
  • Joel Kim BoosterPsychosexual
  • What does the future hold for


  • Bruna Louise: demolition
  • The hidden abilities of our pets
  • Love & Gelato
  • Snowflake Mountain
  • Welcome to Wedding Hell
  • Apocalypse Please!
  • Beyond: An African Surf Documentary
  • Gypsy Spirit: Harri Stojka – A Journey
  • The Umbrella Academy: Season 3


  • first class
  • Queen Sylwester returns
  • sanctuary
  • Appunti di un vendor di donne
  • It was spring outside
  • Portugal
  • The Gentlemen


  • glamor girls
  • Money Heist: Korea
  • Man vs Bee
  • The Man from Toronto
  • Asterix in the land of the gods
  • The cut through the throat or the resurrection of Adalbert Stifter
  • The calf knife
  • Fischer Freeskiing
  • La Montagne des Cristalliers
  • Something Between
  • Takuya
  • beauty
  • The Amber Light
  • The Beginning
  • The Bird Can’t Fly
  • The Broken Hearts Gallery
  • The Last Soviet Movie
  • The Limit Of


  • Chips and Toffel: Chips is on vacation

A list of all June releases in the film and series area on Netflix can be found in a separate article under the link. For example, we recently reported on Stranger Things 4, which set a record for the most-watched Netflix series. This made the mystery series even more successful than Squid Game, which is soon to be launched as its own game show.

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