Netflix threatens to dismiss its employees shocked by the content of the platform

If Netflix employees do not agree with certain content on the platform, they just have to resign. This is announced by an internal note which is starting to make a lot of noise.

Definitely, nothing is going well with the giant netflix ! Already showing a substantial loss of subscribers and turnover, the streaming giant seems to have a hard time keeping calm among its employees. Indeed, an internal note has just been unveiled on the web. The latter simply invites employees shocked by the violence and tone of certain content to take the door! If the formula is shocking, it once again shows how much the platform is in danger. Because it would seem that the “little hands” of society are not ready to let their employer do everything and especially anything.

Netflix: discord between management and employees!
Netflix: discord between management and employees! – Credit: Netflix

And too bad if the employees have no voice in the matter. The platform intends to choose what it wishes to highlight, without listening to anyone among its ranks. If the employees do not feel happy, it is therefore better for them to fly away for other professional adventures.

Netflix: the internal note of discord

“It is obvious that not everyone can agree with everything that is offered on our services. But we defend the difference of content and we support the artistic expression of the creators with whom we collaborate. It is then up to the public to decide what suits them. There’s no need to ask Netflix to censor a project or an artist. If you’re struggling to take on all of our content, Netflix probably isn’t the place for you.” thus explains the note. The paradox is thus more than curious. On the one hand, the platform intends to support the choice of its creators. But she refuses to hear the opinion of her employees!

It must be said that Netflix continues to offer content deemed sensitive by many. One thinks of the ultra violence of Squid Games or the controversial work of David Chappelle. But obviously, hiding behind the freedom to create, the platform does not care to hear the opinions of its own employees. It is therefore to be feared a wave of mass departure, if a compromise is not found, to maintain a dialogue in good intelligence.

Netflix therefore continues to move forward on a very dark path for several months. If the trend is not reversed, the consequences could be much more dramatic. Not to mention the death of the platform, its supremacy could become history.

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