Netflix unveils the impressive trailer for its series on the fire of Notre-Dame

The streaming platform has just released the trailer for a series retracing the night of the Notre-Dame fire. Released October 19.

six months later Notre Dame is burningthe film by Jean-Jacques Annaud retracing minute by minute the fire of the Parisian cathedral in April 2019, Netflix is ​​preparing to broadcast on its platform a mini-series telling the same event.

Inspired by The Night of Notre Damea story co-authored by the Paris Fire Brigade and Romain Gubert, Notre-Dame, the part of the fire is a choral story in six episodes. The action takes place during the night of the Notre-Dame fire.

“In parallel with the fight led by the Paris fire brigade against the burning of the Cathedral, we follow characters who will have to go to the end of themselves. They will fight, love each other, cross paths, hate each other, smile or help each other… in the end, have a chance to rebuild themselves”, announces the official synopsis of the Netflix series.

The series will be an immersive experience, warns producer Julien Madon in the press kit.

“We want to go inside the cathedral, we want to see flames, action, smoke, people in danger of death.”

“It was a very exciting production challenge since we had to give the viewer the impression that they are in Notre-Dame with our characters”, also indicated producer Aimée Buidine.

Moderate success for Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film

This series is produced by Hervé Hadmar, known for having signed the series Pigalle at night (2009) and Witnesses (2014). The cast brings together Roschdy Zem, Caroline Proust, Simon Abkarian, Alice Isaaz and Victor Belmondo. Released October 19.

Released last March at the cinema, Notre Dame is burning by Jean-Jacques Annaud oscillates between panting thriller and disaster film and tells of the first smoke until the complete extinction of the fire fifteen hours later the fire of the cathedral.

This film, which brings together Samuel Labarthe (The Little Murders of Agatha Christie), Jérémie Laheurte (The Life of Adele), Chloé Jouannet (Commuters) and Pierre Lottin (The Tuches), met with moderate success in theaters, with only 793,802 admissions in France.

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