Netflix: you will love these two new series according to Rotten Tomatoes

The event is rare enough to deserve mention. It happens that Netflix launches successful series from time to time such as Squid Game, Stranger Things or La Casa de Papel. But what is rare is that the platform simultaneously launches two critically acclaimed series. And yet according to Rotten Tomatoes this is what happened in the space of two weeks.

Netflix has indeed launched an anime series Cyberpunk: Edge Runner as well as Cobra Kai Season 5, both with 100% perfect Rotten Tomatoes scores.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners gets off to a great start on Netflix

Cyberpunk: Edge Runners was released on September 13. The story is taken from the famous video game, but with an original story in 10 episodes. The plot centers on a street kid struggling to survive in the ultra-high-tech maze of Night City.

The city you probably discovered in the video game is a city of the future. The locals are obsessed with new technologies and augmentations and other body modifications. The kid will quickly have no choice but to become an outlaw mercenary himself, a job that some call “Edgerunner” – in other words “one who runs on the wire”.

Even though it’s an anime beware, Cyberpunk: Edgerunner isn’t really for kids. We find in this series all the gore and violence of the video game of CD PROJEKT RED. But also all the beauty and poetry of the game world.

Netflix: 5th season of Cobra Kai, the series still captivates the public

Another graphic series event, season 5 of Cobra Kai. This Karate Kid spin-off is also praised by Rotten Tomatoes regulars – it is currently the most watched Netflix series in the world. Within a week of its release, Cobra Kai Season 5 accumulated a total of 106.7 million hours of viewing.

The official synopsis is as follows, according to Netflix: “Following the shock after All Valley Tournament results, Season 5 chronicles how Terry Silver grows the Cobra Kai empire while trying to impose his ‘No Mercy’ style of karate. Between Kreese behind bars and Johnny Lawrence leaving karate behind to try to repair the damage it has caused, Daniel LaRusso will have to call an old friend for help”.

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