Netflix’s ad-supported plan could reach the end of 2022

Netflix could win the much-talked-about subscription option with ads as early as 2022. Apparently, the recent announcement that the platform lost subscribers for the first time in a decade made the company accelerate the development of the modality, which would have a lower value in compared to the options already available, in an attempt to reverse the situation and attract new users.

According to The New York Times, an internal note from the company to its employees states that the goal is to launch the novelty at the end of the year, more specifically in the last quarter of 2022. The statement also highlights that, in the same period, the Additional charging policy to prevent password sharing should also apply.

Netflix could get cheaper — at least in the US (Image: Unsplash/David Balev)

There is no information, however, as to whether this new subscription category will be applied globally or in stages in specific markets. It was also not detailed how much cheaper the service will be for those who opt for ads between one episode and another of their favorite series. In the US, Netflix’s basic package — supporting HD content and two simultaneous screens — costs $15.49. In Brazil, the same plan costs R$39.90.

In addition, the forecast is still unofficial. As the newspaper itself points out, this is Netflix’s internal planning and may change. However, the most important thing about this is precisely how interested the platform seems to be in accelerating this process and bringing this new subscription option as soon as possible.

Other services

Netflix isn’t the only company targeting advertising to subsidize a cheaper subscription version. Almighty Disney has already signaled that it has its eye on this too and that we should see something along those lines coming to Disney+ soon — at least out there.

HBO Max, on the other hand, has already adopted the business model. In June of last year, Warner Media streaming launched an option in this format costing US$ 10 a month, that is, US$ 5 cheaper than the basic package. In Brazil, the format was not available and Tupiniquin subscribers can only choose between the basic Multitelas package (R$ 27.90) and Mobile (R$ 19.90), which limits the content to smartphones and tablets only.

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