Never shown in French cinemas, Ordeal by Fire is a hit on Netflix

While it had never been shown in cinemas in France, the film fire proof, inspired by a true story, just arrived on Netflix. And it’s a hit since it already ranks second in the top 10 of the most watched films at the moment!

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It all starts in flames. Cameron Todd Willingham wakes up one morning to find his house on fire. In a panic, he tries to get his three daughters out of the fire, in vain. This is the starting point of the film The test of fire, just arrived on Netflix but released in theaters, in the United States only, in 2018. Cameron Todd Willingham, played by Jack O’Connell, is destroyed for not having succeeded in saving his three daughters. In addition to this, a police investigation seems to reveal that the fire is voluntary and all suspicions turn to Cameron, sent to prison and sentenced to death. By interposed letters, then through real encounters in prison, Cameron befriends a playwright, Elizabeth Gilbert, played by Laura Dern, who ends up being convinced of his innocence. She will then do everything to prove it and get him out of death row.

The test of fire is based on a true story

This film, directed by Edward Zwick – who, for the record, had already made, in 1996, a film called fireproof, centered on the Gulf War – is based on a true story. Cameron Todd Willingham really existed. Since his execution in 2004, several journalistic investigations and other documentaries have looked into this case to dissect it and try to question the guilt of Cameron Todd Willingham. the New Yorker brought the subject back to the table in 2009 by asking the question: “Trial by Fire: Did Texas Execute an Innocent Man?”

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The test of fire : mixed reviews

A priori, no trace of a certain Elizabeth Gilbert in the true story of Cameron Todd Willingham. This is perhaps what earned the film mixed reviews when it was released in 2018. Viewers regretted the dramatization that was done around a story that was already heartbreaking enough in itself.

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