New ALIEN AAA game reportedly developed by Grasshopper Manufacturer (No More Heroes)

Fans of the Alien franchise haven’t had much to eat in recent years. Since the 2014 release of Alien Isolation, fans have been desperately awaiting the announcement of a sequel to this critically acclaimed horror game. It could be that they are gradually regaining hope with these new noises from the hallway.

Article update:

The Insider Gaming site has brought new information regarding the Alien AAA game mentioned below. According to its sources, it would be developed by Grasshopper Manufacturer, the Japanese studio to which we owe in particular recently No More Heroes III.

A new AAA game planned for Xbox Series X|S and PS5

It’s through the website
Insider Gaming
that we learn today that new Alien games would be in preparation. The first would be a AAA game codenamed Marathon. However, we do not know the name of the studio that takes care of it.

It would be planned for Xbox Series X|S and PS5 and could be released in 2023. It would be a horror game that draws inspiration from Dead Space and Resident Evil.

A sequel to Alien Isolation by Creative Assembly?

The second Alien game mentioned by Insider Gaming would be a sequel to Alien Isolation. According to their sources, the game is either in development or in the pitch phase. The site says it’s safe to assume studio Creative Assembly will be in charge, but says it prefers to call the game a rumor until it gets more information.

The same sources also indicate that SEGA would be “extremely happy” with the reception of the 2014 title. We know that Creative Assembly is working on two unannounced projects, and the sequel to Alien Isolation could be one of them.

If the rumor about the existence of these two projects were to be confirmed, it would bring to four the number of games using the Alien franchise to come. As a reminder, the STR Aliens: Dark Descent is scheduled for 2023, while a VR game called Aliensis developed by Survios.

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