New arrest warrant against Ferhat Mehenni: will France extradite him?

1 year after classifying the MAK (Movement for the self-determination of Kabylia) as a “terrorist organization”; Algeria continues to hunt down Ferhat Mhenni, a refugee in France.

No later than this Thursday, November 24; the first leader of the MAK terrorist movement, Ferhat Mhenni, was sentenced in absentia to death (Life) by the court of Dar El Beida (Algiers).

Considered one of the main defendants in the death of young Djamel Bensmail (in August 2021), Ferhat Mhenni will face a new international arrest warrant, issued today by the same judicial body.

In the same case, the leader of the terrorist movement is also accused of being behind the forest fires that hit Kabylia last summer.

Will France ignore Algeria’s arrest warrant again?

For about three years, the Algerian justice has continued to issue international arrest warrants against the big heads of terrorist movements, including Ferhat Mhenni.

Moreover, the penultimate warrant of arrest against the leader of the MAK dates from the year, just after the classification of the movement in the list of terrorists, but since then, it is the radio silence of the French authorities.

Admittedly, Ferhat Mhenni is protected by his status as a political refugee in France, but a few months ago, French President Emmanuel Macron promulgated a new law.

It is indeed the law n ° 2021-302 of March 22, 2021 relating to the extradition convention signed in 2019 between Algiers and Paris. In this convention, it is stipulated that Algeria and France have the obligation to extradite any person prosecuted for offenses of a terrorist nature. But that’s not enough. Why ?

The same convention also stipulates that extradition could be refused if (France) has serious grounds for believing that the person would be sought for his political opinions; a decision which is up to the French courts which will judge whether the offense for which Ferhat Mehenni was requested is considered political or not.

As a result, with the new arrest warrant, supported by several elements of testimony, French justice will have to study a new case against Ferhat Mhenni who this time could tip the scales and lead to extradition.

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